5 Steps to Becoming a Better Negotiator

October 12, 2016 2 mins read
5 Steps to Becoming a Better Negotiator

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Negotiation skills are essential for professionals to obtain the best out of their careers. Whether it is for your daily job or your compensation package, being a great negotiator will help you explore your full potential. Sign in and take a look at the following articles and exercises:

  • Opening Negotiation is a Q&A to help you explore the value of a good opening in negotiation, whether to open first and be aggressive or reasonable in your opening.
  • Negotiation Styles is designed to make you differentiate two basic styles of negotiation and gain tips to using each style.
  • Negotiation Goals covers how to determine what you want from a negotiation, how to set specific targets and commit to achieving these targets.
  • Relationships in Negotiation explores the importance of creating a good relationship with the other negotiating party, you will gain useful strategies to building the relationship and understand how to minimise the risks of establishing the relationship.
  • Negotiation Process takes you through the different stages of the negotiation process and you will gain useful techniques that you can use in negotiation.


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