4 top tips on how not to be marginalised at work

Morgan McKinley September 29, 2014 2 mins read

Dealing with complicated interpersonal relationships can always be challenging. This is both true for young and for experienced professionals whenever they enter a new work environment.

You want to be loved and popular among colleagues while sticking to your own principles, but unfortunately, your efforts are often stifled by being excluded by your team mates. What should you do to stop yourself from worrying about such“trivial matters?

1. Don’t be tough, be agreeable

Whether you are an experienced professional or a young talent full of passion, don’t speak or act aggressively in the office. Being kind and helpful is essential.

Don’t give colleagues the impression that you are a “warmonger.” Try not to touch on ”sensitive issues” when talking, to avoid making enemies in the office.

2. Don’t be weak, be more capable

Although toughness is not encouraged, weakness is also not recommended insomuch as you have to give up your own rights because of it. Learn the art of saying “No”. As long as you do it the right way, your colleagues will understand that you are a person of principles and will respect you even more.

If you really don’t know how to spend your break, concentrate more on improving your working ability. When remarkable changes and improvements have been made, your colleagues will discover a new you who is no longer just an ordinary co-worker.

3. Let colleagues see your kindness

How could an agreeable and considerate person be marginalised in the office? If you didn’t manage to leave a good first impression on your co-workers, try to change their opinions as soon as possible. Greet your colleagues with a pleasant “hello” every morning, ask them out for dinner or shopping after a day’s work and give sick colleagues a cup of hot water to show that you care about them… As long as you are willing to put some thought into it and act accordingly, you are sure to become the “angel” in your office.

4. Endurance is a required virtue

Remember that picking a fight will have a devastating effect on a once cultured and accomplished person. Be tolerant, showing considerable love and forgiveness. As time moves on, others will treat you the same way you treat them.

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