3 keys to balancing fitness with your hectic work schedule

November 1, 2017 2 mins read
3 keys to balancing fitness with your hectic work schedule

First of all, I personally transformed from a 100% couch potato to a regular exerciser to now someone who genuinely lives and breathes fitness. Before recruitment I used to work in the fitness industry and have witnessed thousands of people pushing through the toughest phase - the GETTING STARTED phase - and also people failing to do so.

These 3 key tips below are no breaking news but advice derived from real life examples and patterns observed. While there are various other complex methodologies - people often overlook these several basic factors that help ease you into staying healthy and fit while managing a tough job.

Location and Gear - at Your Finger Tips

You have a full schedule, and you live an hour from the office. Squeezing in a workout session is tough enough - let alone factoring in the travel time. Always pick a workout location that is close to work - that way you can allow much more schedule flexibility in case of meetings or calls that might be arranged last minute.

Have your workout clothes and shoes ready in the office (unless your plan is to exercise before work). Having no workout gear is such a common EXCUSE to skip the workout that you “planned” for yourself.

Make it Social

Peer influence (or pressure) is way too powerful. Schedule a fitness class session with one or several colleagues. Invite your manager/subordinate. Book everyone’s calendar and laugh about it.

Some people aren’t motivated to exercise because they feel ALONE in this new

Start Small

You might want to lose 30 pounds or gain a six-pack - these are longer term goals that require a high degree of consistency and continuously refined methodologies as well as diet strategies. Having seen numerous successful and failed examples I would highly recommend starting small which is much more sustainable.

If you have barely exercised in your life, start with one light exercise per week or so. Make it so unstrenuous that it feels like an insignificant part of the day. After a few weeks/months, increase the intensity and frequency (consult a fitness coach or research on fitness program design).

Avoid over-planning it. Even a 20 minutes workout will do (many resources online if you’d like to explore quick workout options). You just do it and suddenly realize afterwards that you feel great. Start small and easy.

Again, DO NOT over-think it. Lots of people are able to balance fitness with a demanding job. It’s not as overwhelming or special as you think.

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