10 tips to describe your strengths

July 15, 2015 2 mins read

Your goal is to set yourself apart from other candidates, so be prepared to do so when answering any interview question.

1. Read over the entire job description to get a thorough understanding of the position and the qualifications for the role.

2. Check out the company website to give you a good understanding of the company, its mission, the products and services that it offers and the clientele it serves.

3. Find out what the company is looking for. When asking this question, are you a good candidate for this position and are you the right person that will be the best fit for the organization?

4. It is your job to convince the interviewer that you have what it takes to be successful and that you are the best person for the job and a person that will fit in with the people and the mission of the organization.

5. Prepare a list of your strengths and your accomplishments showing how you utilize these strengths.

6. Ask others what they think your strengths are and you may then want to add some of them to your own list.

7. Check out The Top 10 Skills Employers Want.

8. Check out the list of what employers value, and add those values that you have to the list.

9. Focus only on those strengths that are relevant to the job. For internships with vague job descriptions, try to identify core skills that you have that will fit into the type of organization and then identify those skills and values (refer to #7 and #8) that employers look for and add those that you have.

10. Answer the question by identifying “key words” that employers will associate with you once the interview is over such as: reliable, trustworthy, strong leadership skills, quick learner, and detail oriented, etc. 

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