Which candidate would you recommend?

Richie Holliday November 15, 2013 2 mins read

When I was in Hong Kong, I was responsible for the Korean Market, focusing especially on Banking.

Sadly, during the initial stages of receiving a recruitment request, most of my clients seldom gave me a Job Description (probably they did not have JD) and are not willing to give me sufficient information about the company or candidate requirement at the beginning of relationship. In order to obtain the necessary information, I had lots of client meetings to break the ice and build relationship. Once they start to rattle off the requirements, recruiter need to listen very carefully and questions a lot since sometimes clients may not know what kind of person they really would like to hire. My success story in HK is starting from here to maintain those uncertain clients well and placed a lot of candidates to those clients. I believe many other clients are also like this. Will this type of clients be classified as “difficult client” or “easy client”? How can recruiter recommend candidates successfully to these clients?

My answer is this: It could be much easier for recruiter to place candidate to those clients and many candidates could have good opportunities in there too.

Those uncertain clients tend to ask to recruiter “what do you think of this candidate? Which candidate would you recommend?” Then recruiter should not miss this fantastic opportunity to strongly recommend motivated candidates and set up the face-to-face interview at once. Those uncertain clients tend to ask to candidate “What kind of business you can bring in our company with your previous working experiences”. Then candidate should not miss this excellent opportunity to share your objectives and ideal career path and what kind of things you really can do and would like to do. Those uncertain clients sometimes just have a better idea after interview with candidates. And clients often give a chance to candidates to broaden their exposure with empowerment.

Now! Think about it, would you like to walk away with uncertain clients since you are not sure? Or make uncertain clients your advocate!

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Chief Operations Officer, Asia-Pacific