[Quiz] 10 types of employees: Which one are you?

Marlon Mai October 6, 2017 3 mins read

Which type of these employee 'types' do you most identify with?

If you want to be noticed and appreciated by the boss, you must first find out what types of employees does the company or the boss need. What I am talking about here are not some great universal principles, it is just that there are ten types of employees that every company appreciates. Have a look to decide which one you belong to.

1. The Superstar

You don’t need to say much about this type - loved and respected by everybody. A winner. The best of the best. If you are one, my heartfelt congratulations!

2. Team player

Why does this seemingly common requirement make you into a treasured employee? Teamwork does not simply mean getting on with everybody; it is much more than that. To give you some simple examples, do you really know and understand the colleague sitting next to you in the office? Do you know his or her strengths, likes and dislikes? Have you ever been guilty of concentrating on the negative when talking about him or her?

3. Innovator and pioneer

Under normal circumstances these people do not stand out. Also, often people think that he or she is flouting conventions simply in order to attract the attention of others. This, however, is far from the truth. These employees are born risk-takers, pursue excitement and stimulation, readily accept the new, and enjoy a fast-paced rhythm of life. Nowadays, all companies demand the ability to change and innovate, and if you belong to this category, a company can unlock your potential and draw great benefits.

4. Loyal employee

Why is this category included in our list? Simple - it takes time for a company to grow, to build up professional expertise and experience, for its corporate culture to be created and passed on to new employees. The bosses also seek approval of their leadership. If an employee is loyal, then at least here he or she cannot be faulted.

5. Efficient employee

Efficiency means that you get a lot done in proportion to the effort you put in. Crudely put, out of two people who earn the same salary, the boss will take shine to the one who works faster.

6. A good Samaritan

You must have come across this type of person. If there is anybody at work needing help, he or she will always be willing to step in. A new member of staff asks how something works - he or she will patiently explain, even if providing orientation for newcomers has nothing to do with his or her work description. A team must always have a member like that; otherwise there is no team spirit and people feel uncared for.

7. Great work ethic

This type of employee is not quite as outstanding as those in the first category, but outstanding nevertheless. If he or she takes on a job, everyone else can relax – it will get done and done properly.

8. One who gets things done

This is the person that you turn to when the chips are down. When others are busy looking for excuses, he or she always steps in and takes the problem head on.

9. Reliable perfectionist

In any company most assignments given to staff are repetitive, and it takes someone with great patience and attention to detail to execute such jobs perfectly. Every company needs a person like that and they are always appreciated.

10. Self improver and future high achiever

This type is talent waiting to be discovered. They never stop working on improving themselves and learning. They do their utmost for the company, and it is just a matter of time before they become the company’s superstar.





Which of these employee 'types' best describes you?

Team player
Innovator and pioneer
Loyal employee
Efficient employee
Good Samaritan
Great work ethic
Gets things done
Reliable prefectionst
Self-improver and future high achiever

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