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September 29, 2014 3 mins read

We are delighted to welcome Alan Lyons, Business Psychologist and partner at KinchLyons, who will be hosting our next Success Series Webinar on ‘Inside High Performance Teams.’

Is your team morale currently low? Is there a lack of focus within your team? Do you feel like some members of your team are currently underutilised? Alan believes that some basic attitudes and principles which translate to either success or failure can be applied to contemporary teamwork.

Alan will provide some key insights and useful 'Positive Psychology' tips for management and team members alike who are looking to improve their team morale, cohesion and performance. The webinar will be formulated around the concepts outlined in Alan’s book, iChange: Invest in Changing Yourself which promotes a Solution Turbine model aimed at enabling professionals to apply the science of positive psychology to enable high performance at a personal, team and organisational level.

Learn tips on how to:

  • Assess dimensions of teamwork that are mission critical
  • Conduct a team - talent check up
  • Leverage strengths
  • Align systems: Implement team execution
  • Engage talent


Join the webinar on Tuesday 14th October at 5pm CST.


About Our Guest Speaker, Alan Lyons

alanAlan is a Business Psychologist, leadership coach, author and keynote speaker who coaches leaders and teams to achieve and sustain high performance. He is passionate about helping people to perform at their optimal level through leveraging emotional intelligence, clarifying purpose, disciplined execution and enhancing mental toughness.

Alan is the author of ‘iChange - Investing in Changing Yourself’ which was published earlier this year. He is also the creator of a site dedicated to assisting individuals, teams and leaders to implement the paradigm shifting ideas contained in this book. Connect with Alan Lyons on LinkedIn.

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