Summer: The Employment Season for Graduates

Morgan McKinley November 15, 2013 2 mins read

With the start of summer vacation, many graduating students start to enter the job market. Which qualities are companies actually looking for in candidates?

As recent research suggests, more and more companies are placing greater emphasis on soft factors like attitudes towards work and personality. In descending order, companies feel the job skills most lacking in today’s youth are as follows: managing emotions, dealing with pressure, communication skills and problem solving skills. While the last mentioned are professional and technical skills. The impression expressed in recent interviews by the heads of hiring departments at companies like Starbucks and Uni-President can be summarized as follows: Today’s young job-seekers seem to lack stability and the ability to deal with pressure, they are not dedicated, cannot bear hard work, don’t know how to treat people, and are uncooperative.

These managers also emphasized, as long as young job–seekers have good attitudes and are willing to learn, most companies are willing to give them a chance.

As far as the relevant departments are concerned, more important than having the necessary hard skills is a candidate’s emotional stability and ability to deal with pressure. To this end, candidates should actively cultivate positive attitudes towards work and the job-seeking process, increase their emotional maturity and ability to deal with setbacks, and make a point to perfect their communication abilities. If they can successfully strengthen these soft skills, job-seeking youth needn’t fear being labeled lazy, spoiled, entitled, immature or weak—adjectives commonly used to describe others of their generation.

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