Six Tips to Avoid Dozing Off on the Job

May 29, 2014 3 mins read
Six Tips to Avoid Dozing Off on the Job

A healthy day in the office should be comprised of at least 30% moving around versus 70% sedentary activity.

You can devise a series of exercises based on the specific nature of your job; stretching out the knots in your neck as well as exercising your limbs and body will release endorphins, leaving you feeling more fresh and awake.

Six Tips to Avoid Dozing Off on the Job

1)  Get into the habit of drinking lots of water
It is difficult to not feel sleepy when you're dehydrated. Drinking a tall glass of water first thing in the morning has a detoxifying effect and helps your organs function more smoothly. It is best to drink at least a liter of water a day; however, there's no need to go overboard—beyond a certain point, more water is not necessarily more healthy.

2)  Have a coffee in the afternoon
In the afternoon, the body begins to release an increased amount of hypnogenic molecules (naturally produced substances that induce sleepiness), making the afternoon the time when we are most susceptible to dozing off. When you begin to feel dozy in the afternoon, drinking a small cup of coffee will help you wake up. Of course, if you're not a coffee drinker, you can drink tea instead. However, in order to avoid insomnia, don't drink coffee in the four hours before you go to bed.

3)  Laugh more
"A laugh a day takes a decade away!" Laughing gives your facial muscles a work out, improving the blood circulation in your face and thus increasing your ability to concentrate. A recently published English study demonstrated that while laughing may not produce the rejuvenating effects that the old adage at the beginning of this paragraph would suggest, people who maintain a jovial attitude are more healthy and have a decreased risk of contracting cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

4)  Integrate breaks into your schedule
Spending lots of time racking your brains over a challenge at work often isn't as effective as taking a step back, pouring yourself a cup of tea, and letting your circuits cool down before giving it another shot. When you're so tired that you can't think straight, take a deep breath while counting to three and then exhale while counting to six; alternatively, flick through a fitness magazine, or find a coworker to have a quick chat with—very often, inspiration comes to us when we're not looking for it.

5)  Standing up when taking phone calls.
Standing while you talk on the phone allows you to stretch your joints as you breathe deeply, increasing the circulation of oxygen-rich blood to the brain. This simple change to your routine can double your energy levels over the course of a few hours.

6)  Associate yourself with optimistic people
It's hard not to be friends with the optimistic, energetic people in our lives: their positive outlook is positively contagious. The smart and talented are not the only people who deserve your friendship—make some space in your life for passionate, vivacious people, too. Pessimistic, bitter behavior is not only exhausting for those who indulge in it but for those who have to listen to it, too.

Morgan McKinley