5 ways busy people can keep up with the latest in Shanghai

November 1, 2017 3 mins read
5 ways busy people can keep up with the latest in Shanghai

Here's five channels to keep up with the latest in Shanghai during your work day, whether commuting to and from work, on lunch or even just a five minute breather.

Holding a cup of coffee in one hand, along with a chicken wrap and texting with the other, while walking in and out of office buildings is like a typical “at work” status for the most. When we are on a tightly-scheduled calendar, it is easy to forget how to breathe in between and know “what is happening” outside, but yet it is an very significant part in terms of self-improvement, work and life.

We all spend time outside of our work lives, but it is a social norm to put socializing aside during working hours. No matter what industry you come from, it is an integral part of our lives and we should not forsake that. We need to make use of whatever free time in-between of our hectic schedules to catch up on the news and happenings. 

全球企业动态 (WeChat Account available)

It provides the fastest updates of Fortune 500 Companies’ pushes every day at 6AM, which is perfect for those commuting to work in the morning. It is suitable for everybody. It has a broad range of information that might relate to your own companies. There are also several lists of tables and highlights of any major changes within these companies. It gives you a very indepth and comprehensive information, which you can get in five minutes or less.

Financial Times/ FTChinese (APP available)

Always be in the loop for international business news, analysis, market data and company profiles from this site. The Chinese version of this site provides inside news and information pertaining to China’s top business executives and decision makers. For FT fevers, classic is always good.

4A广告门 (WeChat Account available)

I am certain you are already following this site if you work for 4A or are in the marketing sector. Its’ viewership has been steadily increasing. It has information for China’s marketing businesses. It even uses humor to show solutions and changes in the sector.

Time Out (WeChat Account/Website available)

I personally work to enjoy life, thus my goal is to always live a balanced, healthy and fun lifestyle. Time Out Magazine helps you to discover the best Shanghai events, things to do, restaurants, gigs and nightlife. Chinese version is also available, for both locals and expats who work in China. It updates daily at 6PM, and this is the go to site to find out where you can chill and relax after work.

Morgan McKinley (WeChat Account/Website available)

Whether or not you are looking for a change, there is no harm to stay up-to-date about new job openings. Morgan McKinley weekly updates on the hottest and most popular job pertaining to different industry and sectors. Your next life opportunity might just be around the corner! You never know!

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