Making friends with time

Tracy Luo August 1, 2016 3 mins read

Wealth or achievement can be produced from a combination of time and action. Time is a gift, which gives you the opportunity to do something great whilst demonstrating your talents. Time is fast-moving and one of the greatest assets as there is a limited amount of time every day. Thus it is particularly important to learn how to manage time and make full use of our 24 hours to create value, as well as achieve success. There are dozens of books on time management, here are some of my recommended reads: “7 Habits of Highly Efficient People”, “The One Minute Manager”, “Let Future Come Now” and “Eat That Frog” etc. In summary, the following points should be kept in mind when managing your time:

1. Time management begins with consciousness management

Have a time log for about a week and observe where your time has been prioritized, carefully analyze where time has been wasted. Look at where you can be more efficient with your time – ask yourself the question, where can my time be redistributed and re-spent? It is important to consciously overcome any procrastination with perseverance, as procrastination is the thief of time management.

2. Importance of goal setting and planning

Break down a goal, “make a big thing smaller”, and never forget to motivate yourself with providing yourself a reward when achieving something even if it is a small goal. You can improve expectations for successfully achieving what you want to do through considering the goals you want achieve in a particular event or during a particular period in advance. Therefore, plan ahead of time and know what you want to achieve in order to break down your time efficiently.

3. Set priorities and don't be afraid of “Eating That Frog”

Set priorities means deciding what you should complete first and how you should act at specific time. Understanding what the most important projects are, you can organize your everyday life to align with that specific project and therefore enhance the possibility of achieving your goals. One of the ways to set priorities is remembering the principle of 80/20, which means that the 80% accomplishment for achieving your goal is originated from 20% of your activity which is often the most difficult and challenging “frog”.

4. You can “create” time.

Look for ways to convert the non-productive time into productive time. Find the free time during the day or the week and you can effectively use the time instead of waiting for things to happen. Increase your energy through exercise and a healthy diet. The more energetic you are, the easier it will be to achieve your goals; you’ll be able to minimalise the time that is wasted.

5. Concentration! Concentration! Concentration!

You can yield twice the result with half the effort through reducing interference and focusing on the task at hand. Distraction is a dream killer, which will weaken your intelligence. When you decide to work, just do it and do not be interrupted by the interference from the outside. Learn to say “No” to disturbance. 

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