Guard against People like Ma Rong in Job Recruitment

September 6, 2016 3 mins read
Guard against People like Ma Rong in Job Recruitment

Recently, Wang Baoqiang’s divorce became headline news in entertainment media, newspapers and periodicals, people ignorant of the facts took delight in gossiping endlessly. Although such things are not homely foods in the entertainment circle, they can’t be small probable events, why did these things arouse such extensive attention and discussion? Except media paid uninterrupted attention and aggravated a complicated situation, “honest men” represented by Wang Baoqiang and “malicious people” represented by Ma Rong initiated a great topics in all aspects. Wang Baoqiang got trapped in a dilemma probably because he didn’t realize the truth that many HR recruiters are aware of moral quality and motive. 

Ability can be cultivated, but moral quality cannot be changed. Ability means traits by which a person is qualified for a job. People with a strong ability certainly will have better than average performances. But ability is absolutely not the only reason for promotion. In the recruitment process, behavior and ability can be easily observed, but more traits such as personality, cognitive competence, motive and value will be hidden and cannot be easily observed, such traits are the facts that we pursue. Wang Baoqiang married Ma Rong only because she was young and pretty, but he didn’t uncover her greed and desire. In other words, Wang Baoqiang indeed realized it, but he was too confident in satisfying her desires, finally, he could not bear her greed in the innermost. 

Only emotion from the heart is the foundation of stability. Most often people quit in spite of a good job, a handsome salary or high welfares just because they are not emotionally involved and have no passion and devotion to work. Without physical needs, they will leave whenever. Wang Baoqiang mistook that his high official positions and riches could make up for his poor background and foolish image, and Ma Rong would grow older together with him. It now appears that Ma Rong married him just because of sympathy. Without love, their marriage will never be stable. 

Certainly, moral quality and motive are important standards for developing a sharp eye for discovering potential candidates in recruitment, but it doesn’t mean talents need not to maintained in actual work. Continuous encouragement, professional training and spiritual inheritance are necessary methods for encouraging the team to strive for a common goal. Without a team role, we will miss more unintentionally. Just as Wang Baoqiang worked hard as always after getting married, he was wounded in film shooting and became very rich, but he missed the opportunities to spend together with his families. Perhaps he now has more reflections in such an awkward situation.

On account of news, Wang Baoqiang’s divorce will pass by eventually. But such things happen whenever in recruitment, I hope recruiters and staffing departments could recognize the talented.  

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Marlon Mai
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