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APAC Employment Monitor Q4 2017 Highlights:


APAC Employment Monitor Q3 2017 Highlights:


Overall APAC data: Permanent financial services jobs increased by 20%, quarter-on-quarter, and by 1% year-on-year Professionals seeking new jobs increased by 31% quarter-on-quarter and decreased by 10% year-on-year   Territory specific data:


APAC Employment Monitor Q2 2016 Highlights: Professionals seeking new jobs decreased by 36% quarter-on-quarter and up 23% year-on-year Permanent financial services jobs declined by 11%, quarter-on-quarter across APAC, but remained steady when comparing year-on-year figures (slight drop of 3%) Professional contracting job vacancies down 30% quarter-on-quarter China: Eased visa requirements and increased investment in Europe aims to attract qualified professionals to China     


APAC Employment Monitor Q4 2015 Highlights:


The struggle to attract and retain good quality, young talent in the current markets across Asia is ongoing, and it is an HR issue that provides a unique set of challenges.    For the interview I found examining the millennial issue to be very interesting, as well as topical.  On behalf of our clients, Morgan McKinley is often asked to source people with not only the required skills and technical expertise, but also with the right attitude.   This attitude can be difficult to define.   However it is clear that for Millennials there seems to be a shortage of star candidates who are able to d


APAC Employment Monitor Q3 2015 Highlights: Job vacancies remained flat year-on-year in Q3 2015 compared to Q3 2014 The number of professionals actively seeking employment was up 10% year-on-year from Q3 2014 to Q3 2015 Job vacancies decreased by 5% quarter-on-quarter from Q2 2015 to Q3 2015 The number of professionals actively seeking employment was up 7% quarter-on-quarter from Q2 2015 to Q3 2015  


I think the most relevant point would be to highlight which China and offshore funds you have launched as an asset management professional as well as the results of these funds compared to competitor funds. CVs should really be around track record and technical skills, every achievement has to be relevant to the China market and in the end these are all quite general. Their overseas experience would still be relevant however discounted. The actual track record and asset management experience in China will be more relevant.


The key requirements for being a senior banker are still around client and people network - whether senior bankers can bring in deals as well as people to work on those deals. At the same time, having a good understanding of the regulatory environment is also very useful. Connections, especially with large Chinese companies as well as investors are still very important.