Wishes from 1,700 kilometers away

Rio Goh - 19/11/2018

The first happiness of a child is to know that he/she is loved. China has a lost generation of ‘left-behind’ children, mostly the offspring of migrant workers forced to leave villages for cities in search of jobs. Report says we have 60 million ‘left-behind’ child in China today. However, due to the long distance and limited information, although we are keen to help this group of children we could never find a proper way until Emily build a connection with Goutou School.  

Over 50 postcards have been delivered to MMK shanghai office last week. Kids wrote down their wished on those cards and hope someday the wishes will come true. When I read their wishes, it mame me cry... e.g. I want a cell phone because I want hear Mummy's voice everyday; I want a bike because I want help grandparents buy the medicine in town;

This international children's day, MMKer will make these dreams come true. 

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