Follow MorganMcKinleyJobs on WeChat: Interact with our recruitment consultants and effectively search for your dream job

Anita Hui - 13/12/2017

Due to fast advancement in technology and growing number of smartphone users, WeChat plays a crucial role to communicate socially and professionally in China.

At Morgan Mckinley China, we proudly present MorganMcKinleyJobs where our candidates can interact with our consultants and apply for the jobs you are interested in.

By being part of MorganMcKinleyJobs, you will be introduced to a very interactive and efficient platform. Our candidates can conduct a precise search based on preferred job discipline, industry sector, region/location and salary and directly apply if you see anything that fits your experience and background. 

Please follow our official MorganMcKinleyJobs account by scanning the QR code below or search for “morganmckinleyjobs” in WeChat and we look forward to assisting you soon.




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