8 tips to speed up your job search

- 27/05/2017
speed up job search

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Has your job hunt not been yielding the results you'd like? Or are things moving at a slower pace than you'd hoped? If so, it might be time to re-evaluate how you've been approaching your search so far.

Looking for work can be time-consuming, but putting in the hours will eventually pay off. The half-hearted approach, on the other hand, will not get you very far. To avoid stagnation and the loss of motivation that might come with it, here are some tips to keep your job search going strong:

1. Start by managing your expectations
Although you might be hoping that randomly sending out your CV to all your contacts might land you your next job, the reality is that there's a small chance of this actually happening. Be realistic about what you want to achieve and what you have to do to get there. Instead of targeting the masses, carefully consider who you want to build a productive, reciprocal relationship with, and put in the work to achieve this goal.

2. Get organised 
A cluttered work space will obstruct your job search – both in a literal and a metaphorical sense. Clean out your desk space, declutter your inbox and make sure your CV and cover letter templates are easily accessible for speedy forwarding.

3. Create a set schedule 
Reserving a few hours out of your day for job hunting is a great way to keep your search going. Set aside time to look through job listings, update your CV and social media profiles, and stay up to date with your contacts. A consistent approach will help you break down the process into smaller, more manageable pieces, and avoid time-wasting.

4. Network
With an overwhelming amount of jobs being found via networking, it should really be a top priority on your to-do-list. Building productive relationships with other professionals may take some time and dedication, but without them you risk your search falling flat. 

5. Use social media 
As more and more recruiters take to social media to find new candidates, having a solid social media presence is extremely valuable. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Instagram all present great opportunities for reaching out to and getting noticed by potential employers. Make sure you keep your profiles fresh and regularly catch up on what your contacts, followers, and friends have been doing; the information they share could make all the difference to you.

6. Go mobile
Job hunting is no longer an activity that restricts you to sitting down at the kitchen table with a cup of tea as many of the bigger job boards now have mobile applications, allowing you to search on the go. Whether you're on the train or waiting to meet a friend for lunch, use these moments to quickly check out some job ads.

7. Customise your search
Having to root through hundreds of irrelevant job listings is time-consuming as well as unproductive; it's the virtual equivalent of looking for a needle in a haystack. Customising your search is easy to do and will save you loads of time. Most job boards have 'Advance Search' options, which allow you to target those jobs most relevant to you, based on title, location, level of experience etc.

8. Be responsive 
Whether it's following up with a new contact, replying to an email, or applying for a role, don't waste any time getting the job done. You want to avoid burning any bridges or missing out on new opportunities, so always aim to respond as soon as you can. A timely response will show your dedication and reliability.

To make your job hunt a success you need to be dedicated and consistent, reserving a few set hours for it every day. Just remember that you are the driving force behind your search, and a half-hearted approach will be mirrored in the results.

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Source: The Balance