Engineering Manager

Qingdao Shi
11 Sep 2020

Our client is a top 500 MNC company


Planning and Budgeting

  • Develop and implement engineering operating and headcount budget and plan, and monitor the achievement of the budget; allocate department target to subordinates; and monitor their performance in order to meet Qingdao's operating plan.

Policies & Procedures - Engineering Systems and NPD Processes

  • Oversee the implementation of engineering policies, procedures and systems in order to provide working guidelines and direction for the engineering team.

People Management and Development

  • Maintain and develop department's organization chart to built up strong tooling designers, process engineering team to focus on process innovation and build "faster" and reliable and flexible process capabilities; diagnose process healthy through industrial engineering technology application; evaluate and support technician’s development to engineers if chose; project management; Manage plant capital investment;

Core competency development

  • Dies and moulds efficiency improvement through new technology application ;
  • Line cycle time reduction through line balancing and methods and SOP development;
  • Develop flexible assembly platform to improving the line utilization;
  • Continue to improve automation & Digital technology to improve efficiency;
  • Owned the Layout design in our plant;
  • Lead actions on mitigate the manufacturing variance;
  • Audit and ensure investment returns aligned with proposed;

Process, project management

  • Maintain and develop work instructions for properly handling process and standard work in VS;
  • Lead and coordinator project (NPI, Miguration, expansion, etc) on behalf of plant;
  • Audit to VS to ensure properly implement the SOP by VS;

Database Maintenance & Equipment Management

  • Approve the establishment and updates of BOM & Routing related information list, as well as equipment take-over and transfer in order to ensure that the database and all equipments are kept in good working condition.


  • Bachelor Degree or above on mechanical design and machinery;
  • Over 20 years working experience on tooling design, manufacturing and tooling validation, including 10 years engineering management experience;
  • Succeeding in high speed stamping dies design or injection molds design is a must;
  • Be professional on FMEA / PDCA / 5Why tools application.BB preferred ;
  • Strong business sense and customer focus mindset; lean manufacturing environmental is desired;
  • Project management with a PMP certified will be good;
  • Strong leadership, interpersonal and problem solving skills;
  • Ability to work with cross-functional teams or alone without supervision;
  • Ability to work under high pressure;
  • Good communication skills, including written and spoken Mandarin and English;
  • Good training and presentation skills;
  • Familiar with Word, Excel, PowerPoint.


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