EC Operation AM - Social Platform

¥21k - ¥40k 月薪
05 May 2022

Hot job in a leading Toys company

  • To manage online accounts for operating 2 Douyin flagship store, Bilibili, RED, to

drive sell through of flagship stores.

  • Take the initiative to know and communicate with KOL/KOC, seeding new

products regularly, and well manage of KOL/KOC.

  • To contribute your creative ideas and generate social contents, videos, or live

streaming to drive new followers and GMV growth.

Key Responsibilities:

Douyin, Bilibili, RED(New channel) business

  • TP management for Douyin, Bilibili, RED flagship store.
  • Managing daily operation for TP to drive new followers and GMV.
  • Managing on shelf product with TP and sales partner, follow up ordering

process with internal department.

  • Communicate with Douyin, Bilibili, RED category directly to pull in

promotion resources.

  • KPI set and management with TP or sales partner.
  • Spending control in sales allowance and A&P.
  • Data analysis and management for flagship stores
  • Sales and products forecast initiative to the channels
  • Working with line manager closely in better driving growth of flagship stores
  • Working with brand marketing team closely in following up contents to build brand awareness.


  • To build deep relationship with KOL/KOC in the toy industry.
  • Routine maintenance and regular seeding to KOL/KOC with agency.
  • Maximize the use of KOL output content for Ecommerce business

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