Design Manager (Architecture)

¥41k - ¥60k 月薪
14 Sep 2020

At least 5 years of working experience in real estate architecture design management

The MUD Design Management Department oversees the design management of AEI projects in operating MUDs (Mixed-used Development) as well as assistance in doing feasibility studies and product design and development for potential and/or new projects.

A personnel trained in the Architecture expertise is required for the various AEI architecture-related works. Besides assisting the Design Director in the design management for projects in operation under the MUD portfolio, he/she will participate in feasibility studies for potential projects, product design and development as well as design management for projects under development.

What You'll Do

  • To oversee and manage design consultants to quality deliver design outcomes that are in accordance to the owners' requirements, budget and schedule.


  • Feasibility studies for potential projects
  • Consolidation of product design guidelines
  • Collaborate with business stakeholders to select and appoint design consultants
  • Assist Design Director in the management of design consultants in design direction, reviews and value engineering
  • Assist Design Director in the management of other internal and external collaborators in the design process
  • Participate in design meetings and site progress reviews

Who You'll Work With

  • Support business stakeholders of MUDs in management of design consultants to achieve desired outcomes. Frequent communication and collaboration is expected.

Who You Are

  • A disciplined design manager who seeks the optimal balance among aesthetics, cost, constructability, operational needs and value in the design of projects. He/She should possess good communication skills and creative thinking as well as resourcefulness in problem solving.


  • Bachelor Degree in Architecture
  • At least 5 years of working experience in real estate architecture design management
  • Possess a positive attitude
  • Possess a Customer Oriented attitude. Be able to understand and deliver on different customer segments and key stakeholder expectations; Anticipate future customer trends and needs and orientates the business to meet these
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