Translation and Business Research Associate

02 Jun 2022

A translation and research associate in a global leading buyside research department

With general supervision, the business research & translation associate provides support for associates within the Shanghai Office as well as travelling associates. Also responds to China-related translation and research tasks on behalf of associates. Self-starter, works independently, referring questions/clarifications to managers or other appropriate resources.

Technical Skills
Understands and translates accurately from Chinese to English and vice-versa in both oral and written form at the technical, professional, cultural and social level.
Creates formats for routine graphs, slides, tables, charts, databases, forms and spreadsheets.
Uses PCs and network applications to input and extract data. May assist others on computer applications. Comfortable learning new applications and systems. Prior experience with Excel, Powerpoint, Tableau, basic programming, etc.
Utilizes and manages electronic research databases to gather, download and analyze information and manipulate data.
Possesses strong math skills (numeracy).
Possesses strong detail orientation by checking data and/or work for accuracy.
Creates and maintains specialized reports (spreadsheets and documents) using general knowledge of subject matter and PC applications.
Maintains and modifies a database.
Takes initiative to further develop technical knowledge to creatively maximize productivity.

Problem Solving/ Analytical Skills
Self-starter. Solves basic problems directly related to self with no assistance. Brings to supervisor's attention when required.
Uses reference materials appropriately and other resources to resolve issues and/or gather information in a timely and effective manner.
Demonstrates consistently strong qualitative and analytical skills, initiative, follow-through, judgment and attention to detail.
Learns, comprehends and applies information in a consistent and satisfactory manner. Provides basic analysis of data/information gathered.
Maintains data in one or more business records; audits records for discrepancies and reconciles issues as appropriate.

Workload Management
Productively organizes and prioritizes tasks. Accurately completes work on time, meets deadlines and adjusts pace according to the changing volume of work to be performed.
Meets deadlines by completing work independently, seeking assistance from co-workers, or negotiating additional time.
Receives general instructions and moderate supervision. Realistically assesses amount of time necessary to complete an assignment. May anticipate workload and plan accordingly.
Routinely updates managers on status of work in progress and long-term projects.
Performs and accurately completes multiple tasks as required by the position. Anticipates workload and plans accordingly.
Takes responsibility for the finished quality of all tasks.

Organization/ Administrative Skills
Maintains lists for efficiency (e.g., phone lists, key contacts).
Compiles data, initiates and prepares routine reports and summaries.
Creates and maintains hard-copy files, filing systems and databases relevant to research and translation duties.
Manages the Shanghai office library, including services such as subscriptions.
Performs and accurately completes multiple tasks as required.
Performs other work, as required or requested, as well as special projects with appropriate and consistent quality.

Communication Skills
Possesses to a high level clear and accurate written and non-written communication skills. Possesses ability to perceive, comprehend and act appropriately on communication from others.
Originates routine correspondence with minimal guidance. Edits documents by revising syntax, grammar and punctuation.
Drafts and composes correspondence for internal and external distribution.
Possesses strong business English and Chinese grammar and proofreading skills.
Effectively utilises communication tools (e.g., relaying messages, providing and requesting information, maintaining/updating mailing lists, etc.).
Understands, retains and follows through on instructions, asking for clarification as needed.
Communicates effectively in a group situation.

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