CGT GM(基因细胞治疗总经理)

¥126k+ pm
Guangzhou Shi
17 Jun 2022

overall operation of the company, participate in all major decisions of the group on behalf of the company


Qualifications and experience:

1. Virology, biotechnology, bioengineering, cell tissue engineering, fermentation engineering or biology, pharmacy, medicine and other related majors, doctor degree or above;


2. At least 10 years working experience in biopharmaceutical and gene therapy industry, including at least 5 years of R & D or production experience in gene therapy drugs, antibody drugs, vaccines, viruses or nucleic acid drugs;

10年以上生物制药、基因治疗产业工作经验,其中不少于 5 年基因治疗药、抗体药、疫苗、病毒或核酸药领域研发或生产经验;

3.Familiar with GMP quality management system, production preparation, in-depth understanding of R & D and production of gene / cell therapy technology and rich practical experience;

熟悉 GMP 质量管理体系,生产制备对基因 /细胞治疗技术研发与生产有深入了解并具有丰富实操经验;

4.Self-driven, more than 5 years of team management, excellent problem-solving ability and pressure resistance; Excellent communication skills and leadership; Business development experience is preferred


5.Fluent communicationn Chinese and English, overseas education experience is preferred.



1.Be responsible for the overall operation of the company, participate in all major decisions of the group on behalf of the company, and be responsible for the business results of the company;


2.Participate in the company's development objectives and business plans, lead the team to implement them, and solve business and management problems to achieve the expected business development objectives;


3.Cooperate with the headquarters to introduce core members, be responsible for the company's team building, management, organization development and performance appraisal;


4. Be fully responsible for the construction of plasmid, virus, cell and other technical platforms, and manage the operation efficiency in the process of R&D and production services;


5.Participate in customer introduction, foreign cooperation and internal project initiation of service projects, coordinate resources and teams of the group and the company to ensure smooth project progress and high-quality delivery.


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