Art Director / Associate Art Director

¥41k - ¥60k pm
10 Sep 2020

Art Director/Associate Art Director

Aesthetics / Art Skills:

Art Direction

  • Expert art direction ability. Previous experience shipping several next gen/AAA titles as art director.

Visual language/Themes

  • Able to help partners clarify and enhance the visuals of their games via expert knowledge of visual language and themes.

Scene construction

  • Experience in successfully guiding a variety of game styles to 100% completion.


  • Strong ability to direct visual storytelling for a variety of styles, settings and themes.

Visual styles

  • Actively work to teach the art teams about western art and culture, to improve our ability to create games for that market.
  • Able to identify elements in the game that do not match the game style, and drive dialogues with partners to get them addressed.

Quality bar

  • Owns all visual elements of the game, and able to drive them to successful quality, either personally or through delegation.

Knowledge of Game Genres

  • Wide knowledge of the general game market, and what directions it is going. Solid understanding of where EA games sit in the market, and ability to discuss where and why.

Core Art Vision

  • Able to work with partners to enhance and expand the existing game vision.

Functional Knowledge

  • An expert in how to create believable art, including when and how to break from reality for the good of the game.

Art Reference

  • Experience in researching a visual style, and creating a strong 'game canon' that can be used to guide a game team.

Concept Direction

  • Strong skills at directing concept artists to create the visual look of a game.

Technical Skills:

Traditional Art Skills

  • Strong art skills -able to do makeups and paint-overs to convey visuals to both the internal team and partners.

Production Experience

  • Strong experience in providing art direction for all art disciplines. Ability to direct with need for supervision.

Cross Discipline

  • Strong understanding of how all types of assets work, and able to leverage them to best effects.

Art Critique

  • Previous experience providing strong art critique for multiple next-gen/AAA games.


  • Proficient enough at scheduling and planning to be able to help plan projects.


  • Strong experience with workflows - enough to be able to persuasively correct processes of our partners.

Graphic Design

  • Strong graphical design skills - able to drive the look and feel of all front-end and in-game interfaces. Able to define the 2D presentation of the game.

Leadership / Team Behavior:


  • Mentor associate art directors, to help them improve their skills and experience.


  • Able to help develop strong leaders on the team through empowering them to own areas.


  • Contribute to the studio art community, through training and focus groups.

Team Guidance

  • Use dev experience to help with prediction and risk management on projects

External Relationships

  • Constantly engage with counterparts in other studios to maintain strong, long-term relationships.
  • Able to build confidence to where we can take on creative ownership of areas in projects.

Team Inspiration

  • Ability to take over troubled projects and stabilize situations with both internal and partner teams.


  • Take ownership and resolve art issues that effect both the internal and partner teams.

Problem solving

  • Ensure that the internal team is able to take their assets to 100% completion-not requiring our partner to provide substantial guidance.

Types of Projects:

Scope of Responsibility

  • Art director on large, complex and challenging projects.

Leadership Experience

  • Extensive art direction experience on a variety of titles, including multiple styles.

English Language Capabilities:

Communication Skills

  • Enough comfort and confidence communicating in English to be able to resolve direction conflicts with our partners.

Art Vocabulary

  • Comfortable discussing artistic direction with anyone.
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