MMK joined UoM China centre Alumni Events

June 29, 2017 1 min read
MMK joined UoM China centre Alumni Events

Looking for a job in sustainability can be tough- not only is there high competition for open positions, it is also hard to determine what exactly people want to do when it comes to sustainability and long term business.

However, there are ways to not only understand what sort of job is their ideal position in the long run, but also how to make themselves rise to the top of the résumé pile. This event was focused around helping people finding out what are some of the best practices for their career development? How do they deal with recruiters during this process?

Last Saturday, Morgan McKinley Shanghai team was invited to join Manchester University alumni career development forum, together with The University of Hong Kong and Fudan University MBA alumni. Morgan McKinley shared our professional advice on the topic of – Developing Your Career Sustainably: Externally or Internally?

Although the weather has been very bad recently in Shanghai, we still had around 100 alumni attending the event. Furthermore, we also have live video streaming facilitated for this event. We received very positive and people are impressed by Morgan McKinley’s propose which is improve people’s lives.  

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Marlon Mai
Managing Director, Greater China