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Shanghai: RMB21,000 - RMB40,000 per month |  Permanent
Date: Saturday, November 23, 2019 - 03:24
Responsibilities: Warehouse Maintenance of the warehouse infrastructure 5S management and tracking Manage the inbound binning and outbound despatching within target time Manage the warehouse operations under a safe circumstance Conduct weekly and monthly PI counting Daily and weekly operation...Read more
Shanghai: RMB21,000 - RMB40,000 per month |  Permanent
Date: Friday, November 22, 2019 - 04:08
Responsibilities: 30% Dvelop, implement and maintain/refresh category strategy for a selection of Maintenance & Technical services 20% Liaise with Maintenance and Reliability team of the Businesses to align strategic vision 15% Supplier Relationship Management for selected suppliers in the sub-...Read more
Shanghai: RMB21,000 - RMB40,000 per month |  Permanent
Date: Saturday, November 23, 2019 - 03:30
Responsibilities: Define the warehouse strategy and coordinate with local related operational teams to enhance the warehouse management efficiency and quality Lead the CAR-T logistic end to end project, work with logistic vendor and local project team to ensure the logistic design and management...Read more
Shanghai: RMB21,000 - RMB40,000 per month |  Permanent
Date: Thursday, November 28, 2019 - 04:27
职责 供应商管理 负责供应商和采购策略的开发,并推动采购策略的执行和优化 负责供应商的关系管理与日常维护 负责供应商数量和定位的合理优化,新供应商的开发,评估和引入 定期对供应商的价格与服务绩效表现进行评价与回顾,对于供应商的改善或者淘汰提供意见 成本管理 对供应商的合同谈判和价格负责,并就价格所对应的质量水平负责 负责原料市场及供需关系的研究,通过对价格趋势的分析与判断,给出采购预算结论并追踪实际价格与预算价格的差异,控制采购预算的偏差。同时及时调整采购策略,从中寻找成本降低,成本上涨规避或者战略资源型物料采购的机会 对成本节约负责,制定降本方案,通过有效地内外部沟通谈判,规格/...Read more
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