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Shanghai: RMB21,000 - RMB40,000 per month |  Permanent
Date: Friday, November 8, 2019 - 03:11
目标 通过分析、制订和调整客户销售策略,分解并监督落实销售目标,优化销售政策和绩效政策,达成所辖范围新客户开发数、销售额、回款、毛利率等指标,实现客户销售业务持续稳定增长; 通过市场调研、制度优化、流程再造和工作方法改进,明确所辖范围内客户销售的业务方向和重点,为部门业务开展提供方法支持和制度保障; 加强销售队伍建设,着力进行优化调整和人才梯队搭建。 职责 根据公司及部门战略,设定业绩目标,按节点分解销售目标并监督落实,跟踪新客户开发数、销售额、到款、毛利率等指标完成情况,发现、分析和解决销售管理问题,确保销售目标达成; 组织开展市场调研,适时跟踪和分析经济形势、行业动态、...Read more
Shanghai: RMB21,000 - RMB40,000 per month |  Permanent
Date: Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - 05:43
As Mechanical Designer for the Company's project team, you will be part of the Global Projects organization. We have the responsibility to design & manufacture fixtured nutrunner systems and other such applications such as torque reaction arms and software solutions. Our customers are in China...Read more
Guangdong: RMB21,000 - RMB40,000 per month |  Permanent
Date: Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 23:58
Responsibilities: Actively self-develop channels, key accounts and have the abilities to directly negotiate with MNCs. Assist the project team to collect, maintain and update project information. Complete the business targets. Support the project development team to complete the business terms,...Read more
Shanghai: RMB21,000 - RMB40,000 per month |  Permanent
Date: Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 04:39
职责 策划集团在中国的各品牌形象,在B2B渠道的客户群中建立品牌知名度; 制定品牌定位计划及工作流程; 通过有效的传播手段,成功实施品牌战略; 通过科学理性的手段,监督反馈执行情况,并适时修正执行方案; 根据公司的市场及产品发展策略,制定合理的品牌宣传战略; 根据品牌宣传战略,制定合理的年度预算,同时审核,监控预算的执行情况,并适时改进; 配合产品管理部门做好产品的上市、推广及促销等宣传计划,并制定相关管理流程; 配合业务发展部门做好行业协会,政府部门、开发商、设计师等目标客户的公关工作; 支持销售团队的业务开展,开发创新销售工具; 关注市场发展动态,利用新兴媒体及其他宣传手段;...Read more
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