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Shanghai: RMB15,000 - RMB20,000 per month |  Permanent
Date: Wednesday, September 4, 2019 - 23:38
职责 根据公司制定的技术标准和项目实际情况,设计合理的光伏发电系统技术解决方案。 及时有效地从客户获取深化设计所需资料,并进行现场踏勘和技术尽职调查;独立完成工商业分布式光伏项目在开发阶段的技术解决方案编制,以及项目收益率测算。 协助办理项目备案和当地电网电力接入400V/10kV手续。 要求 本科及以上,电力或电气专业;土木工程专业和机械类专业有太阳能光伏行业工作经验亦可。(优秀者可适当降低学历标准至专科) 两年工作光伏行业经验以上(优秀者可适当放低工作年限)。 参与过至少1个以上光伏项目设计优先。 对光伏组件或辅材、逆变器、变压器和电站有know-how者优先。...Read more
Shanghai: RMB21,000 - RMB40,000 per month |  Permanent
Date: Wednesday, August 28, 2019 - 05:13
Responsibilities: Support key accounts of robotics manufacturers with the target to strength our leadership and to achieve turnover/profit Identify specific trends in robotics segments as well as customer needs and push for future innovative developments Act as information platform in China for...Read more
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